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We’re a private real estate investment firm that invests in single-family home equity inestments accross the U.S. As a fund, we offer investors direct equity exposure into the most in-demand housing markets in the U.S, through our diversified home equity investment portfolios called Cityfunds.

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Why Home Equity Investments?

Home equity investments (HEI’s) allow retail investors to access a homeowner’s equity in exchange for a stake in the home’s future appreciation. HEI’s are all about equity, the foundation of real estate wealth.

HEI’s Generate Returns 2 Ways

Property Values Increase

Payoffs Generated from a Home Sale or Refinance

Why Home Equity Investments?

Home Equity Investment Lifecycle

Year 1

The homeowner receives $100,000 in cash, and in exchange, we acquire approximately 30% equity ownership in the home's future appreciation. At this point, the home is valued at $700,000.

Year 10

The homeowner decides to sell or refinance. The home's value has risen to $1,140,226. At this point, our equity share amounts to $254,614, while the homeowner's share stands at $885,612. The effective annual percentage rate (APR) for this investment arrangement is calculated at 9.80%.

You may be wondering...

Why Cityfunds?


Invest with confidence and diversity by owning fractional shares of unique homes. Spread your investment across a range of exceptional properties, reducing risk and enhancing your portfolio’s stability.


We consistently secure home equity investments at 10-15% below the market value. This ensures that our investors are ‘in-the-money’ from day one, maximizing your returns and confidence in your investments.

In-House Origination Team

Our team of licensed professionals perform a meticulous process, involving homeowner credit checks, in-depth property evaluations, and comprehensive inspections to safeguard your investments


Home equity investments remain resilient to market interest rate fluctuations, making them a stable and attractive choice for investors, regardless of market conditions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are Cityfunds?

Cityfunds are the first investment products to provide investors with a way to own a part of the $20T home equity market for a single city. Each Cityfund owns a diversified and city-specific portfolio of Home Equity Investments (“Homeshares”).

Who are Cityfunds for?

What makes Cityfunds different?

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Deyon Robertson is the Investor Relations Lead at Cityfunds by Nada. Mr. Robertson is a FINRA sponsored and licensed securities representative with his Series 7, Series 79, Series 63, and SIE licenses. Mr. Robertson has a diverse background in investment banking from his experience at Citi, Amazon, and Microsoft.

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