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*HPI value changes over the last 12 months.


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Start with as little as $250.


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Invest in cities, like stocks

Gain access to real estate by investing in your favorite cities for as little as $250 with Cityfunds. Trade shares and earn dividends on the Nada card.


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The first debit card designed to grow your real estate wealth. Spend real estate anywhere.


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Earn up to 2% cashback just for spending real estate, receive rewards for investing and sharing.


Introducing the Nada debit card.

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What our customers say.

Joel B.

"I invested because I believe in the Cityfund concept within the real estate investment space."


Hansen N.

"Love the city, and love the process of investing in real estate."


Mylie A.

"I like that it makes real estate investment possible to everyday people."


Dan K.

"Real estate exposure to a hot and business friendly city. Interesting investment vehicle that could provide liquidity to homeowners and open an untapped source of capital"


Mark P.

"Excited to easily invest in a diversified pool of RE. Looking for income & cap gains as a hedge to public markets."


Stephen B.

"interesting approach to monetizing home appreciation: aligns incentives of homeowners and investors!"


Will B.

"To be part of a collective of investors in a steady growth market like Miami is definitely an advantage."


Ifeoluwa L.

"Austin is a fast-growing sector for entrepreneurs to move into, which means there will be lots of new development and potential to benefit from the CityFund."


Glen S.

"The Homeshare concept should be a killer deal in the Austin market because homeowner value has doubled in a decade meaning there is a huge amount of equity locked up in the Austin market. Austin is a top market!"


Ryan A.

"I’ve always wanted to try and dip my toes in real estate investing! This looks like a good way to get started and from cities around the county. Super excited"


Veronica S.

"Invested with Nada originally and have been waiting for Cityfund to release! Excited to see the how the company will grow in the next few years- love the vision!"


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Cityfunds I, LLC is a Delaware series limited liability company, formed to enable public investment in residential real estate properties in specific cities. A separate series of the Company will be formed to invest in the properties in each such city, either directly or through our “Homeshares” product, and each series intends to sell membership interests in the series to investors through a potential under Tier II of Regulation A of the Securities Act. As a Delaware series limited liability company, the debts, liabilities, obligations, and expenses incurred, contracted for or otherwise existing with respect to a particular series are segregated and enforceable only against the assets of such series, as provided under Delaware law.

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