Unlock home equity.

Access home equity today.

No debt, no monthly payments, just cash to spend.

Trade equity for cash
without debt

Home equity is earned, just like your retirement or savings. Homeshares unlocks your equity, making ownership more flexible.

Never make a
monthly payment

Homeshares is not a loan or debt, it’s an investment into your equity. You receive cash today and Nada a share of your equity.

Continue enjoying
your home

You maintain control over your home. Use your unlocked equity funds for whatever you need— pay down debt, renovate, or invest.

How it works

Apply for Homeshares

It takes less than 90 seconds to fill out the homeshares form. Our Equity specialists will reach out.

Apply & schedule inspection

Once you submit your application and are granted approval, we will schedule your inspection.

Receive funds in a matter of days

Once you’ve agreed to an investment offer for a fraction of your home equity, Nada will finalize paperwork and deposit funds in a few days.

Enjoy your home & repay us later

Nada becomes a co-investor while you continue enjoying homeownership. Repay us sometime in the next 10 years—typically when you sell or refinance your mortgage.

See how much equity you can unlock.

Homeshares is an investment, not a loan or a debt. We partner with you to share in the up side or the downside of your home value over time. Nada is repaid when you sell, refinance or choose to repay. Our repayment is based upon our share of your home’s appreciation above the Risk-Adjusted Value in exchange for the cash we invest and pay you today.


Is a Homeshare considered a mortgage?

No. A Homeshare is not a debt and does not show up on the your credit report as a new debt. You receive cash upfront when you agree to a Nada Homeshare investment, in exchange Nada then receives a lien-secured option agreement to share in the upside or the downside of the home’s value over time.

What can I do with my money from Homeshares?

Nada does not dictate how you use your funds. Use your unlocked home equity funds for whatever you need—pay down debt, renovate, or invest in your future.

Do I really not have to make any monthly payments?

That’s correct. There are no monthly payments, no accrued interest, and no added debt with Homeshares. When you agree to a Nada Homeshare investment you receive your cash payment upfront, in exchange Nada becomes a co-investor in your home.

How do I know if I qualify for a Homeshare investment?

Simply fill out this form and one of our equity specialists will be in touch

What information does Nada consider when I apply for Homeshares?

Nada has designed the Homeshare qualification process to be simple, stress-free, and without any financial obligation to you or impact to your credit. We evaluate information about you and information about your home, such as:

• Proof of identification
• Proof of homeownership and current mortgage
• Verification of employment
• Soft credit check to evaluate your payment history (no impact to your credit score)
• Proof of homeowners insurance
• Record of property taxes
• Property inspection

How does Nada receive funding for Homeshare investments?

Nada receives funding for our Homeshare investments from a variety of investors that share in our vision to unlock real estate wealth for everyone. One of our primary sources of funding comes from our real estate investment funds, “Cityfunds”, where we make it possible for everyone to invest in and own a piece of a top city’s home equity market. Cityfunds investors and homeowners are aligned— everyone shares in the benefits when home values appreciate.

How much money can I access with Homeshares?

Nada is currently making investments up to $40,000 in owner-occupied single family homes. Our investment size is the lesser of either (i) 30% of your home equity, (ii) 10% of your home value, or (iii) $40,000.

If I enter into a Homeshare agreement, who owns my home?

You do. You continue to own your home, control your property, and enjoy all of the benefits of being a homeowner. Nada is not considered an owner and does not have rights of occupancy—instead we are an investor.

I have a mortgage on my home, am I still eligible for a Homeshare investment?

Yes. Nada’s Homeshare investments are complementary to traditional mortgage loans. It is unlikely your existing mortgage provider will have any issues with Nada’s investment. Additionally, Nada will fully review your existing mortgage documents and terms to ensure there are no issues during the application process.

What are the fees related to the Homeshare?

There are no upfront payments required to apply for a Homeshare. Nada is paid an origination fee of three percent of the cash investment amount the homeowner is receiving. This origination fee is deducted from the homeowner’s cash investment amount as part of the closing process and only paid once a Homeshare investment has successfully closed.

There are additional third-party processing fees that may be deducted from your cash investment amount as part of the closing process. These fees vary based on the complexity, location, and investment size; however, they generally include:

• Title and Escrow: $75 - $600
• Property Inspection: $200 - $400
• Home Valuation (AVM): $10 - $50
• Notary fee: $50 - $100
• Recordation fees: $25 - $100 (charged on a state or county basis)
• Document preparation fee: $50 - $100

Any third-party processing fees will be fully disclosed prior to closing.

Still have questions?

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